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Who Are We?

Meet Our Staff

We deal exclusively in the stamps of Canada, including those issued by the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island before they joined confederation.

We are a staff of two full-time, dedicated people.

In celebrating over 50 years of guaranteed client satisfaction and philatelic excellence, Saskatoon Stamp Centre recognizes that our most important stamp of all is your stamp of approval.

Where Are We?

Saskatoon Stamp Centre is located in the city of Saskatoon, in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. We are in the middle of the Canadian Prairies and approximately 300 miles north of the Canada/eastern Montana, United States border.

We do not have a physical store as we are strictly a mail order business.

Mailing address:
PO Box 1870
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3S2

What Do We Offer?

Saskatoon Stamp Centre offers collectors a wide and varied selection of quality Canadian stamps. Our catalogues regularly include such early classics as a superb single of a 6d Consort, a paper variety on a Large Queen, or that elusive shade of one of the Small Queens. Choice Jubilees, unhinged Leafs and Numerals, a scarce Admiral Lathework, or simply a beautiful Bluenose can be found among our offerings. You’ll find a good selection of better plate blocks covering issues from the turn of the century through Centennial varieties and Officials.

Those collectors interested in varieties and errors are sure to enjoy items from our stock: a major re-entry on the 3d Beaver, the strand of hair on the 1c Small Queen, a Broken Leg Mountie or a Seaway Invert! Tagging errors and perforation shifts are regularly offered. We are also a leading dealer in missing colour errors.

Saskatoon Stamp Centre carries one of the largest stocks of the imperforate issues of Canada, and maintains a large selection of the Back of the Book — Airmails, Special Delivery, Officials and Dues. An extensive selection of Revenue stamps is periodically offered in our catalogues.

Through our illustrated publications, our regular attendance at major stamp shows, personal phone calls and correspondence, our objective always is to exceed your expectations and to enhance your enjoyment as a collector of, or an investor in, quality Canadian stamps!

Our Most Valuable Offer — Our Guarantee

One of the most valuable parts of what you purchase from our company may be our guarantee. Every auction firm we know, and most dealers, will only guarantee the stamps for a short period of time — usually it is only a relatively few days.

We guarantee every stamp we sell to be genuine, not for 7 days, not for 30 days, but ... FOREVER!

“Someone questioned me on our GUARANTEE that states ‘We guarantee every stamp we sell to be genuine ... FOREVER. He wondered how long that really was. I said FOREVER ends when I do. But I told him I am planning to work until I’m 100 so he shoud be safe. I’m 65 and he’s 69, so ‘God Willing’ our guarantee is good for another 35 years (and he will be around to make sure).”

No matter what your reasons for collecting, or your degree of skill in judging stamps, Saskatoon Stamp Centre guarantees you the quality and service demanded by the world’s most discriminating and knowledgeable collectors.

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