As shown at BNAPEX Kingston, September 11-13, 2009
All items are pieces we have handled - many are currently available for sale and we are constantly buying material like this. Many of our clients do sell their collections through us when they quit or move on to other areas of collecting. In many cases we have handled the same rarity 2 or 3 times over the years. Your want list for items like those shown in our Gallery will certainly put you at the top of OUR list when we have such material available.

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Page 1 - Introduction
387aPage 2 - 387a   5c St. Lawrence Seaway Inverted Centre Error 1181a
Page 3 - 1181a   $1 Runnymede Inverted Inscriptions
Page 4 - 1376b & 1376b,vii   $2 Truro Inverted Inscriptions
Page 5 1376b,v,vi  $2 truro Inverted Inscriptions
C 3aPage 6 - Canada C 3a  6c on 5c Brown Olive Inverted Surcharge CL 30di
Page 7 - Canada CL 30di & CL 30kii(e) Patricia Airways with Inverted Airplane
CL 43a & CL 52a
Page 8 - Canada CL 43a Patricia Airways with Inverted Airplane & Canada CL 52a Canadian Airways with surcharge Inverted
EN 77a-INV
Page 9 - Canada EN 77a-INV 3c on 2c Green, Inverted Surcharge
FB 53aPage 10 - Canada FB53a  $2 Red & Black Victoria Bill stamp Inverted Centre SL 1a
Page 11 - Canada SL 1a  5c Blue on white Inverted Centre
FX 28a & FX 29a
Page 12 - Canada FX 28a & 29a with Inverted Overprint
Nfld  C 3a
Page 13 - Newfoundland C 3a  35c Red Inverted Overprint
Nfld  C 3c,a,k,ePage 14 - Newfoundland C 3c,a,k,e  35c Red Inverted & Misplaced Overprint block of 4 Nfld  C 3g,c
Page 15 - Newfoundland C 3g,c  35c Red Halifax Airmail Inverted Overprint
Nfld  C 12a
Page 16 - Newfoundland C 12a  $1.50 on $1.00 Blue Dornier DO-X Flight Inverted Surcharge

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