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As the premier source for classic Canadian/BNA material and modern Canadian errors and varieties, we are constantly buying stamps for our inventory.

What We Are Looking For

We specialize only in the stamps of Canada and the stamps of the Canadian Provinces (British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) before they joined Confederation (referred to as “BNA”). In fact, in the area of Canada, we only handle choice, Canadian and BNA classic, Plate and Die Proofs, Imperforates, Essays and modern errors/varieties.

We do NOT handle any other countries or the “normal” modern Canada. If your request is of a “general” nature or regarding foreign stamps, please check your library, local dealer, or other websites for answers. A couple of good websites for asking stamp collecting questions include: AskPhil and BNAPS.

We are NOT interested in any (individual) items that have a catalogue or retail value under $100. We are always looking for choice material of high catalogue value!

We can only respond to your request if you quote us a Scott/Darnell/Stanley Gibbons number, the grade/condition, and the current catalogue value for individual items over $100.

If the material you have for sale passes all of the above criteria, then please contact us BEFORE you send us a scan or photocopy. Do NOT send any original stamps until we have responded to your initial request.

After we have responded to your initial request, please read the following for tips on scanning and sending us a copy of what you have for sale.


We regularly receive requests for individual stamp appraisals. Please call, write or email first BEFORE sending us any stamps. We may not be interested in certain items at this time. We do charge for stamp appraisals (this fee is waived if we purchase the stamps you are selling).

Photocopies of stamp(s) should always be done with a black background. This shows off the perforations (if any) in relationship to the stamp design. Copies on a white background will not show us the information needed, such as ccentering of the stamp.

Certificates of Authenticity from the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Foundation (VGG), the Philatelic Foundation of New York (PF), or either of the Royal Philatelic Society of London (RPS) or the British Philatelic Society (BPA) are of great help when selling your stamps. If you have such please include a photocopy of it with your offers.

Emailing Scanning Images

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