Selected Elizabethan Definitive Errors

From the G.D. Mass Collection

Presented here is a Vermeil and Gold award-winning exhibit from the G.D. Mass Collection — perhaps the best collection of Canadian Elizabethan stamps (commemoratives, definitives, errors, etc.) ever put together.

On these 95 pages (six frame exhibit) you will see over $350,000 (retail) worth of errors on definitive stamps from the Elizabethan era (1952-present day). Many of the items are unique — that is the nature of some of these errors. The errors have been arranged by topic. Some examples may exhibit more than one type of error but have been placed in the respective location due to its more prominent feature.

The six frames are illustrated with thumbnail images that link to larger pictures of each page.

This exhibit will give you a good idea of the type of material that we sell on a regular basis. Enjoy!


By Topic

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